Top 5 Unique and Free Android Apps 2019

Top 5 Unique and Free Android Apps 2019

Here are the list of Top 5 unique and Free Android Application of 2019. All application on this list is a very unique and insane feature which make your daily lifestyle easier. All application in the list is  Free of cost no need to pay any amount to use the apps.

unique android apps

Note: All apps in this list is picked by there Unique feature and size which give more benefits in low size.

Top 5 Free Android Apps with Unique Features

5. Keypress Call Accept for Whatsapp

unique android apps

As the name indicate that this application is for WhatsApp lover. The size of this app is only 134 KB but the work of this application is very handy. In this application, it helps to pick your WhatsApp calls and video calls.

when your finger is not able to slide up to pick the call this app help you to pick the call by press the vol. up and down button which is very handy to use and help you a lot.

Size: 134 KB

4. Snow 

unique android apps

This is a Camera application with amazing and insane feature and also a very funny app in which when you open the application it will open your back camera in which you can see the stickers option just click on that and you see amazing stickers, live effect and you also see here the iPhone 10 like live animated face feature.

which is very responsible and move the character like your face and also see amazing filters and 3D character.

Size: 83.3 MB

3. Shorty

unique android apps

It is a very useful type of application. In which you will make a different page of your browser sites like facebook, Flipkart, Amazon which take too must storage of your phone which makes your phone very slow.

But this application helps you to make a short cut of that site on your home screen. Just open that site which you need to make a short cut and share that site in shorty and the icon is created in your home page just click that icon and the site is open directly. Very unique Android apps.

Size: 2.2 MB

2. Social Hashtags

unique android apps

As the name indicate that this is a social media hashtags application in which you can see all kind of social media hashtags and also see SEO hashtags which help you to increase your visitor and like in your photos and sites.

This application is for social media lovers which always active in social media and makes posts and upload pictures and video on a daily bases. This is a unique Android apps.

Size: 3.4 MB

1. Creative

unique android apps

This is a very insane and amazing app in which you can see not 1, 2, 3, 4 but 5 different features.
The first is a wallpaper column in which you can see a different kind of amazing features.
The second is for ringtones in which you can see great ringtones with the insane sound quality you listen and download the ringtones. 
Next is a different frame for your smartphone and you also see here a photo editing section tools with is very similar like snapseed but very handy to use. Must try this application.

Size: 18.1 MB

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